What to present to the man for February 23?

To all of us, to ladies, the holiday brings on February 23 both satisfaction, and the migraine connected with reflections what such to present. But you never will be mistaken, if present to It, no, not the tank and not kersey boots, and something pleasant and useful that really will give it pleasure.

What to present to the man for February 23?

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Forward: behind gifts!

It is most easier to choose a gift if you know his hobbies, weaknesses and addictions. Recognize «strong or weaknesses» those young men whom it is necessary to congratulate and present, and forward: behind gifts!

Before going behind desired purchase, mentally imagine that lucky person who will receive your attention, try to remember, about what he talked recently to you, what soaked up his thoughts and reason? What information you would long to it to inform? Concentrated?

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So, just right to reject all prejudices, to follow command of own heart, to include the imagination and to achieve hotimy result. Learn to speak in language of gifts.

Bad advice

Below the list of gifts which it is necessary to treat with extra care is offered to your attention.

1. Presented to the beloved (with which at you affairs only started to develop) subjects of underwear can frighten off the gentleman.

2. Do not draw, if are not convinced of reaction of the man suitable you.

3. If wish to hand over to object of own adoration subjects of man’s cosmetics and perfumery, try to refrain from deodorants, they, usually, not cause proper response in all people.

4. In a rush of thirst to make a good-quality and qualitative gift be not overzealous with price category. Very expensive subject of donation can cause not ecstasy and gratitude, and call of duty that will create not comfort in communication.

5. At all do not present to the loved man tool kits. As though your gentleman about them did not dream, you would not pack them into what bright paper, the gift will not make appropriate effect because of not romanticism.

Who from us with ecstasy will brag to girlfriends the presented frying pans?

Good advice

Also remember: whatever was remarkable in its material look the gift, more valuable to both of us, men and ladies, are pleasant memories and the minutes spent together. Therefore, reflecting on the eve of a holiday on a gift, reflect on making the holiday atmosphere to itself and the beloved.

Organize a trip a countryside for the weekend, find a match record of the end of the World Cup which it passed through your fault, kill a couple of hours with it nearby, enjoying that gratitude which will radiate his enthusiastic person. Take an interest at his friends and native, he was engaged in what sports, and make to it a medal or a cup for awards in this sport, it will be flattered. Get to it adult modular model of the plane or the ship and will see, with what bewitched enthusiasm he will stay over your acquisition not one evening and when will collect, still for a long time with pride will be charmed by the trophy.

Flowers? To men?

Whether it is possible to give flowers to men? The question which has set the teeth on edge not to one generation of fine ladies. Modern floral artists say, what yes. The only stipulation to which should cope at a bouquet choice, is a temper and character of the person. If your boy friend is vigorous and young, it accepts saturated colors. And if your elect is quiet and phlegmatic, choose more reserved colors.

Holiday of the second plan

According to polls, "sexual" holidays – on February 23 and on March 8 are holidays of the second plan: after New year and birthdays. Therefore in the majority of shops of the specific goods before Day of the defender of the Fatherland will not appear – it is necessary to choose from the ordinary range. Conditionally gifts can be divided into two groups: what are given as obliges; and that on friendship.

Gifts not necessarily should be directly connected with a profession. Though it is possible to get, for example, a unique clip for means or a metal copy of a hundred-dollar note to financiers, and men with sense of humour – to present a bronze figure from the 3rd fingers, lying on a pack of banknotes. But it is better, if all this is addition to a gift. After all it is impossible for the cook to give every year каструлю.

Gift bribe

It becomes on purpose to render the employee, to the business partner or the chief the attention and in reply to receive its placement. To give such gifts naturally and correctly. At all this it is possible to express the relation to the person only the price. Respectively the gift to the chief cannot cost as much, how many and a gift to the private soldier the employee. Well and here sense of proportion is necessary. Unduly expensive gift will put the person in awkward situation and will force to feel obliged. Besides it will look as an equal bribe and subservience.

For the same reason most pertinent when a gift to the chief hand over from all collective. And it is best of all to business partner to present gifts with your corporate symbolics. It can just be the same writing-materials, lighters and other souvenirs. By the way, in this case it is absolutely pertinent, if will exchange congratulations of the man. Though usually this duty lays down on shoulders of ladies.

Universal gift

Universal gift is alcohol. It is here too simple to observe subordination – it is possible to present a bottle of elite expensive cognac or wine to the chief or the partner, less precious, but qualitative alcohol – to the employees. Recently in shops there was an unlimited quantity of types of bottles with the vodka, executed in the form of flasks in camouflage covers, sleeves and other army accessories at the price of about 150 hryvnias which can become a quite good gift. However, it is earlier necessary to be convinced of quality of contents of a bottle.

Creatively and from the heart

If with employees, partners and the administration at you informal and friendly affairs, that, choosing a gift, it is possible to cope not a position, and personal qualities and interests of object of congratulations. The same concerns close friends and relatives. Everything depends only on your imagination and how you will present a gift.

The grill or bag with a set for picnic can become a useful gift. Cost of "a marching bag" fluctuates from $50 to $150. Rationalists need to give the same traditional useful gifts, only having a little embellished them. On handles and circles it is possible to make a congratulatory inscription, on vests and baseball caps – to put though what drawing. In a small friendly staff of the lady can present to men of a T-shirt with the image. The translation of one picture costs to $10. For the same means of the master will make a puzzle with the picture at your choice. On a cardboard mosaic it is also possible to place the collective image, a view from office window or a portrait of the chief.

If you are not abandoned nevertheless by idea "professional", but not a trivial gift – buy an economic board game. First all country excitedly played the 90th our analog of "Monopoly" – "Manager". At present options on the subject of this game great unlimited quantity. There is a set of cards and counters in borders of the same $10. For the chief it is possible to print a little 10-ov hundred-dollar notes with his portrait instead of the sir of Franklin. Or to enter its image in a cloth of the classic. To make of the financier Ilya Muromts from Vasnetsov’s picture "Three athletes" there are $500, and the Russian worker from a propaganda poster – $300.

By February 23 employees can order cards from chocolate or handwork candy with their names, and to the chief – a chocolate statue in some kg. The price for sweets can fluctuate from $5 to $500 is dependent on difficulty of production. The main thing to hold in the head that the purpose is not gift delivery, instead of bad mood and a smile which it will cause.

Rating of gifts

And at last – to your attention a rating of gifts for February 23 which would long to receive men. Perhaps, something will surprise you, and something will make laugh, but it really the gifts, which our loved men want to receive, and, most likely, never to you to it confess. Present, as it is healthy – to guess someone’s hidden desires!

1. Gifts for solidity – the various stylish things raising the status of the person but which he is not always ready to get. For example, a clip for means, a support under the mobile phone.

2. Nominal gifts – with an imenovaniye or a surname congratulated, or even with a company logo. For example circles, medals, badges.

3. It come from youth. Men – big children, and their unfulfilled children’s dreams – a well of ideas for a good gift. For example, folding knife, small lamp, board game.

4. Gifts to motorists. Though what subject for the car will bring to his owner the sea of positive emotions. For example, breathalyzer, air ionizer, toy.

5. For those who smokes. It can be the various accessories, helping to re-embody smoking process in elegant ritual. For example, ashtrays, lighters, tubes and so forth.

6. For a desktop. As say: an order on a table, an order in the head therefore useful souvenirs for a desktop always will be to a place. For example, a karandashnitsa, a support under cut-aways.

7. Gift impression. One of the most favourite formats of a congratulation – gift impression delivery. In the winter it can be the certificate on master class visit on snowboarding, firing or even visit to the masseur. That can be more pleasant than Thai massage of feet!

As you can see, the list rather big, and in it is not present neither lotions, nor shampoos, shaving creams. For February 23 of the man want to be our real defenders – so let’s give them chance. Let celebration becomes not ordinary formality and a tiresome duty, and chance to reveal and build on February 23 new, warm affairs in collective. Therefore let’s it prepare with the imagination, avoiding all bored stamps!

Besides it is worth to remember and about "a national sign", saying that on February 23 – rehearsal before March 8. In other words: both you will meet on February 23, and you will carry out on March 8. And if ladies put a little efforts and the imagination, in two weeks to them will return a storitsa.