What lovers choose married ladies?

What lovers choose married ladies?

It would seem, the young man in the world great unlimited quantity. And though what of them applies for a role of the unique lover. And psychologists say that all lovers can be divided into only four types conditionally. It is interesting to you, who near you? Then try to find.

Crybaby type

It is usually married, though not against to get the novel and on the party. For a role of the mistress such man will try to find the married lady. In – 1-x that it did not wear out him continuous "buzz" on a subject when already something will exchange and he will invite her in a registry office. And, in – 2-x that was to whom to complain of the family life to meet mutual understanding and to receive a consolation in the form of sex which his wife, naturally, is not able to be engaged. At all this it is not necessary to feed superfluous illusions – with the wife at the Crybaby, most likely, fine affairs and sex too invariable. It changes mistresses rather often. As those cease to satisfy its basic need – to be cried in a vest on the invented troubles.

Ladies’ man type

Almost always the Ladies’ man is single, and mistresses at it to a meeting a little. He looks for married ladies for whom will be an unattainable prize. Also agrees on affairs only with outside attractive ladies because a basic factor for it is possibility to brag of the mistress before friends. With the Ladies’ man it is possible to make easy carefree affairs, without offenses and obligations. But be ready to that as the personality you it will not interest at all. Your troubles and cares will avoid it.

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Type Spare player

Outside it is similar to truly lover who is interested in everything, occurring in your life, ready to assist and substitute a shoulder during the heavy moment. It is an affected position. Spare players are infantile and are not ready to the cruel relations. Due to the married lady they, first, look for illusion of the courage. If to decide and come to remain on purpose to such lover for a long time, he will be frightened and right there will reverse. It hopes that you can sometime be together, instead of a real general life interest only. Among representatives of this type the greatest number of gigolos.

Romeo’s type

Most awful of all representatives of love brotherhood – Romeo. He really loves you and longs to be near you. It gives verses, arranges romantic appointments and is capable to surprise you. He will wait any time, while you find out the affairs with the spouse. If the situation suits you as is, Romeo is capable to pass to active actions. He will start to be jealous, reproach you, to put ultimatums. Can reach blackmail and even without the aid of others to test to find out affairs with your spouse. So, if family destruction, is not included into your plans, do not hurt heart to ardent Romeo and do not tighten the notorious and unpromising novel.