We give gifts. in cakes

Pull down the zebra on two halves and be surprised! Here Sandra Denneler’s motto, the founder of the popular blog «She knows Food and Recipes». At present the skilled worker thought up sweet animals with a surprise.

We give gifts. in cakes

Very finely as an interior to use multi-colored chocolates

To prepare a cake it is simple. And the effect which povsevremenno will cause a delicacy, will charge you a positive for a long time. Production needs the shortcake or gingerbread dough tinted in different colors. And not essentially what interior, capable to surprise guests. As zebras gather from already ready cake layers, inside it is possible to jostle everything, even small chocolates, they will not melt.

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This ordinary recipe can be simply adapted for the sizes of a cake necessary for you. Let’s tell, if you wish to present in such unexpected way to the beloved phone, simply make a zebra larger. Darling for certain will remember well such gift.