The dog will protect from asthma of the kid

The dog will protect from asthma of the kid

We got used to consider that pets, more quickly, promote emergence of an allergy and even asthma, than opposite. The American scientists decided to argue with this statement and to prove that communication of children with dogs can prevent development of an unsafe disease.

Scientists from institute of California and Michigan proved communication between microbic structure of a house dust and probability of development of asthma. It became clear that "dog" bacteria stimulate work of immune system of the person. Also adjust it on fight against a respiratory sintsitialny virus of the person (RSV) allergic reaction on which can provoke asthma later. Possibility of development of asthma at children living under one roof with a dog, appeared 10 times less because of special microbic structure of a dust in the house.

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Microbiologists collected a dust from houses with dogs and fed it to laboratory mice then eight days waited and infected mice of RSV. At the mice eating a dust, the virus did not cause any complications, was not noted inflammatory processes and symptomatic configurations of mucous membranes. While unfamiliar with a "dog" dust experimental felt where is more awful. In their gastroenteric path there were no special groups of the bacteria stimulating immune reaction of an organism.

The invention of "inoculations" from asthma can become the following step. «New data are the first step on a way of creation of therapeutic methods of child protection from RSV», – the founder of research Kaye Fudzimura considers.