Sex in water: pluses, minuses and poses

Sex in water: pluses, minuses and poses

Shots from films and a photo from magazines on which pairs, specializing by love in water are represented are fine. It is so excellent … And what in reality – it is necessary to do it in a reservoir and if yes, that as? Let’s find answers together.

First, it should be noted that in water the body becomes easier, and for this reason you have possibility to try those poses which did not decide to apply in a bed. Besides, the atmosphere – waves, the nature and drops on a body – kindle desire to a limit.

But sex in water has also the minuses. It is possible to refer risk to them to chill genitals and to seize an infection. Besides, natural greasing quickly watches off, and water – rigid and cannot apply for a greasing role therefore buy in the sex shop the artificial.

And one more – if you decided to be engaged in it in water, do not leave very far from the coast, be afraid of sex at strong waves and check, whether the condom slid off.

Having decided on intimate games in water, do not forget to take with itself on a night beach an inflatable mattress and a ball. And still it is necessary for you to understand 6 poses which for certain will promote to receive unearthly pleasure.

Pose the 1st

Choose such place that water to you reached a breast and with an equal, nonskid bottom, on other partner it will be terribly inconvenient to stand. It is necessary for you to clasp his feet feet, and it should support you for buttocks. Do not worry that to the partner will be heavy: in water you will become very easy. And, in spite of the fact that the amplitude of movements will be low, you receive megapleasure.

Sex in water: pluses, minuses and poses

Pose the 2nd

Having a rest in hotel, at night it is possible to swim for a while in the pool, there is a lot of them at these institutions. Artificial lakes are supplied with steps, here on them and have sex. The partner should sit down on one of them, and you to get on it, to put feet on shoulders, hands to lean about his knees and to reject the head back. Your man should be strong and strong, and you of anything do not think and enjoy.

Sex in water: pluses, minuses and poses

Pose 3rd

Inflatable mattress and the man – here your "requisites" for this pose. It is necessary for you to lay down on a mattress the person down so that buttocks were at its edge. The partner costs behind you and holds you by feet or for a bottom. The main thing – not to lose balance and perfectly to seize for a mattress, on another you will departure or the condom if the man does vysokoapmlitudny movements will slide off.

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Pose the 4th

This position will be suitable for the district with flat nonskid descent. It can be found at the lake or to change a jacuzzi and the pool. The partner should sit down, and you from above on it. And it is direct you at present the leader in game as set speed and frequency of movements. Try to bend a little back, then feelings become even more delightful.
Sex in water: pluses, minuses and poses

Pose the 5th

When using this position you need a ball and a sand bottom of a reservoir. Sand – therefore as it is necessary for both as it is possible to insert more deeply than a foot into sand to keep on a ball. Do not come far into a reservoir, water should cover a ball only. You need to lay down on a requisite the person down, having extended hands and feet, and the partner will be attached behind. Rest against a bottom hands, and the man – or in your shoulders, or too in sand.
Sex in water: pluses, minuses and poses

Pose the sixth

It will seem to the most difficult as asks a certain skill. It is necessary for you to lay down sideways, to lean on an elbow, and a foot which below, to bend, top – to lift up. The man needs to become before you on knees. Sex in water: pluses, minuses and poses