Sex in the car: poses and councils

Sex in the car: poses and councils

Actually all pairs practise sex in the car – and unscrupulously in a jeep it happens or "kopek". The main thing that such intim introduces novelty and wealth in sexual life of partners, helps to realize them the imaginations and desires.

What poses to choose?

The usual missionary position will be suitable for the car which body is the versatile person where forward and back sitting allow to make a real bed. In any other case it will be inconvenient for the man as it is necessary for it to lean during sexual intercourse on elbows and knees, and the salon will not allow it to make it.

Pose when the man behind, it is possible to practise if you make love in the SUV where high ceilings and comfortable sitting. Also cars of the Volvo, Ford, Audi and Mercedes brands are suitable for it. Attention – during sex in such position look, that anybody from you did not hit the head about car glasses.

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The most quite good pose is "Equestrian" when the lady sits down from above on the man. She allows to have sex both on back, and on forward seats. At all this it is necessary to look, that your feet did not get stuck boundaries them, and you did not fight the head about a car roof. But in any case directly this position is loved very much by ladies as there is also a visual contact to the partner, and they can supervise sexual intercourse.

Pay attention!

During sex in the car we advise to you to adhere to several rules: store in the first-aid kit condoms – just in case. If the love in the car is planned, put on in easy clothes which without effort can be taken off (option – a dress and stockings). Have never sex in the car which costs in a crowded place – intim in it to a meeting is noticed by people around. Surely put the car on the hand brake, close doors on the lock, raise glass, include music and кондюк.