New erogenous point on a female body – U

New erogenous point on a female body – U

To the little earlier a portal I Wish told how to find on a female body much an unknown erogenous point And, at present we will tell about the next modern intimate zone – U point.

Where to find?

The point of U takes place between the urethral channel and an entrance in a vagina, is a soft erektilny fabric with the nervous terminations. Very often it by mistake take for a clitoris, but in principle stimulation of a point of U gives to the lady similar unforgettable feelings.

Why U and how to understand, what it it?

Specialists entitled the new erogenous zone U-point because of its definition from English – Urethral spot that «the point of the urethral channel» means. During its stimulation there is also a strong sexual excitement, and desire to urinate. And to feel all completeness of pleasure from this process, it is necessary to try for a descent to influence all known points – G, And, U and a clitoris. Experts advise to do it how the lady sits over the man and a little bends forward.

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At all this process there is an influence also on Skin glands (them still call a prostate gland of the lady) which are located on all spongy body of the urethral channel. At each of us they take place individually: at an urethra exit, in the middle of the channel or at the neck therefore sensitivity of a point of U will depend besides on this factor.

At usual sex the U-point is not mentioned. And only its purposeful stimulation can help to feel to the lady an enchanting orgasm. Specialists recommend to caress a U-zone finger roundabouts. Both U point, and the A-zone can make конкурентнсть in unforgettable emotions to an ill-fated point of G.