How to check the man on fidelity?

How to check the man on fidelity?

In your relations there was a certain estrangement, you constantly suspect the workmate of change, there is a feeling of a nightmare and concern? Check own man on fidelity, and it will be most easier to make it, thanks to ability to consider and watch.

For this purpose first note for itself point which becomes a starting point in your "research". It will show yours with the beloved a situation and will prompt later only a true exit. So, your suspicions and experiences have under themselves no any real events and only are a fruit of your imagination as arise owing to influence of other events; you копотливо go to that change happens, he sociable and loves flirtation, in your relations there was a chill; its relation to you very much exchanged and change is only business of time or already happened.

If you understand and feel that from its party change takes place to be, and not at present so tomorrow to you "well-wishers" will say about it or you will find correspondence of the beloved with other lady, all the same do not hurry to share with the man the conclusions and to accuse him. While you have no real proofs, it is not necessary to "rend the air" and anger him again. Do not share with it the conclusions, do not cry, as its it can push opposite to of what he and did not think.

Further very attentively answer itself below given questions and if the most part of answers appears unsatisfactory, start more cruel methods to expose change, on them we will not stop, after all at each of us they the. Someone can get into phone, read Skype and an elektronka, to track the beloved, to employ a detective, to sniff to the spouse, whether it smells as another’s spirits, and all these ways are alien to some girls and are simply insulting.

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1 whether. Your elect gives you the same attention, how earlier? If is not present, then it left?

2. Analyse, with whom your spouse – girlfriends, friends, colleagues speaks. Whether there can be at ladies from this its environment realistic plans on your elect, and at whom?

3 whether. Became liked to be late on work, to meet friends and if you ask it about after-hour more often, he very much is angry?

4 whether. He reads portals and literature on a sexual subject?

5 whether. It tries to talk to you on intimate subjects, to tell, how his friends or girlfriends have sex, what innovations try?

6 whether. Happens such, what he does not long for proximity with you?

7. As it answers your question: «You love me»? It sounds truthfully, false, he evades the question or some hours answer later?

8. Kissing you or caressing, it does over itself(himself) effort? Whether is at all this enthusiasm?

9 whether. Long ago you had informal conversation, confidential conversations?

10 whether. It began to spend more means from the house budget?

11 whether. It happens such, what it publicly humiliates you?

12 whether. He awkward to you started more often to remember situations, your punctures and real "jambs", to reproach bad habits?

13 whether. Was such, what you at once appeared and there was an awkward situation with a role of your beloved and other people?

14 whether. He hides from you the phone, whether puts the password on the computer, whether there were any extraneous subjects in its pockets or the car (a handkerchief, pieces of paper with phones, condoms).

16 whether. Became recently to you in the house to come mutual friends or the acquaintance, the girlfriend, at all this it became very irritating and causes ambiguous situations?

17. Start talking to it about change how it will react to it? It can think that all of you learned and will begin to worry, talk nonsense.

18 whether. You caught it on lie recently?

19. How relatives from outside the wife treat recently you, whether their relation to you exchanged?

20. How your spouse became active in social networks, whether he from you hides the pages?

21 whether. Call you on house and are silent?

22 whether. He receives late at the night of SMS-ki or calls, and hides from you to answer?

23 whether. You together spend days off? Whether there are no at it urgent matters during a weekend to leave on affairs?