How behave with men of the lady of all zodiac signs?

How behave with men of the lady of all zodiac signs?

Small line of representatives of all zodiac signs which perfectly depicts them in house life and sex and it is concrete.


Zhenshchiny Ovny very much customs, are self-confident, sensual. They transfer all this and on intim, show in a bedroom. In any dispute with the man such lady always considers itself right, says that thinks in eyes. She does not love weak young men, on life chooses only those who is stronger than it. And even during the flower and candy period it is capable to grasp itself the man, without having allowed it even to strain. Zhenshchiny Ovny adore the sex, equal to them in a bed is not present, always like to experiment.


These ladies like to have fun and spontaneous sex – is unscrupulous, the man familiar or not. They do not believe in unearthly love and one-woman men. Zhenshchina Telets loves gifts, flowers, campaigns at cinema and on discos. To the man not to take such lady by force for if she will not want, will be nothing. In dispute with the partner always holds the ground up to the end. In a bed not so perceives any perversions, gives preference to traditional sex.


Twin female are famous for change of mood and preferences – they change several times a day, not to mention life as a whole. At present she can idolize the man, and tomorrow expose it. This inconstancy is shown and in sex – it is heavy to satisfy it, in house life too with Twins hard – can втюриться in another on time – two and it is simple to break off available affairs. The man in a case with it needs to be arranged simply under all her outlooks and rules.


Zhenshchina Rak – the real bore. It in an occasion and without saws the man, why it will constantly run from it and rushes in all heavy. She needs to hear always that it is beautiful and irreplaceable. At all this one such phrase can simply incline it to sex or even by a marriage. Female Cancers have a mass of complexes which force them to be hysterical, jealous, irritating. Having left such lady, the man still will feel for a long time her persistence, threats, hysterics. She loves sex, though achievements in a bed повытрепываться cannot.

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Zhenshchiny Lvy the real queens for own young men, on the last measure, they very much would like it and they aspire to it. Expensive gifts, flowers, declarations of love, compliments to their greatness, a neprevzoydennost, talents are necessary to them. Choose usually not them, and they. Change the Lioness does not forgive, and even will do the utmost to defame the man and to revenge according to the full program for the made. But simply makes a compromise, excellent, sympathetic. In a bed zhenshchiny Lvitsy too queens, they practically all can, know, constantly develop the possibilities. And even in sex they want to be winners – love a pose "Equestrian" to that bright confirmation.


Female Maidens long and persistently look for own unique man, at all this can oversleep in about tens young men. Like to pretend to be lovely and quite good, but the business usually happens the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Imperious, selfish, times the frigid – all this about it, the Maiden. Perfectly supervises itself in a bed, it is usually passive, hard agrees on experiences.


Zhenshchiny Vesy are ordinary house wives. Will simply exchange sex for cooperative viewing of a TV set with the loved person, are not so whimsical in a life, simply go on compromises, appeasable. But if to anger zhenshchinu Vesy – will not seem not enough. She likes to receive from the man as a present lovely knickknacks, to hear from it gentle words, likes to kiss. In a bed it can surprise with nothing the workmate, passive and quite often makes love only because does a conjugal duty.


These ladies in a bed – the real sex bombs. They very much love sex, are engaged in it once a day and even several times a day, are a good judge of it. Simply go on any experiences in a bed and the relations with men as a whole, as times support free love. Are jealous, quick-tempered, vindictive – such they, zhenshchiny Skorpiony, but they are simple for cajoling the good relation to and gifts.


Zhenshchiny Streltsy – the real stinkers. They are whimsical, love expensively and it is fashionable to put on, demand to itself special attention, as frightens off young men. Appreciate feelings of the man, his imagination and intentions them to amuse. In a bed are usually relaxed, but from time to time complexes let’s reveal completely. Change of the loved person can tire out for a long time them in a depression from which it will be heavy to escape. Love the truth and do not hide it from relatives.


Zhenshchiny Kozerogi have nasty character. They swear always and at all – whether it be darling, children, colleagues or neighbors. She very much loves herself, is selfish, rigid, character is similar to Maidens. At all this devushki Kozerogi very much love sex, longs for it constantly for this reason often masturbates. Chooses young men herself though it becomes frequent its choice the wrong. To cajole it it is possible, only agreeing in everything.


Devushki Vodolei very carefully look after the appearance to please the men. They appreciate freedom and from time to time very for a long time do not allow the man to come nearer to own body and to rush into soul. It always is object of close attention of young men, but chooses the most self-assured even if it has no situation and means. Its sex interests not enough, she will simply refuse it if there will be a possibility, is passive in a bed, does not love a perversion.


Zhenshchiny Ryby can simply agree on sex even with the stranger as very much love this business. Their affairs actually always begin with intim. It is simple for grasping the fine relation, attention, flowers and lovely knickknacks. Very much loves caresses and kisses. Quite often Fishes are bisexual that can help the male experimenter in sex. Are devoted, do not forgive change and lie.