Scientists opened a secret of the successful relations

Scientists opened a secret of the successful relations

Scientists from institute of Texas (USA) drew a conclusion that the manner of conversation influences affairs of spouses. Those from partners who is quickly arranged under a manner of conversation of another, uses its lexicon and understands that it is not irritated by filler words, speed of speech and other habits of the loved person, have every chance to live long and happy life together.

In the course of research specialists used the computer program by means of which compared styles of speech of partners. Casual pairs communicated for 4 minutes, and their conversation was fixed. Generally conversation between them went about household qualities, it was more or less equal, stable though the computer analysis of the text allowed to allocate extent of synchronization of language of partners. And according to results of research, the girl and the man, whose manner of speech coincided, four times longed more often to meet in common again, than those which speech considerably differed.

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Scientists made the next experiment in the course of which analysed chats between people on a dating site. It appeared that actually 80 % of pairs, whose written style of communication resembled, at least three months met in real.

Therefore specialists drew the following conclusion – love language after all exists and holds lovers on one wave.