Etiquette rules in social networks for those who consists in the relations

Etiquette rules in social networks for those who consists in the relations

One communication helps to find the love in social networks and to build affairs, others can destroy them time and for a long time. Because of careless "husky" or the comment under a photo of the unknown of the girl/guy often there are terrible quarrels and groundless jealousy that from time to time conducts to a gap. Perhaps also it is not necessary to delete the page in Facebook as you adjusted private life, but it is necessary to adhere to new "etiquette" of online communication and to be more legible, adding Internet and acquaintances. About the basic rules of behavior in social networks of those who consists in the relations, – read in our material.

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For certain the main part of yours френдленты is made by people whom you even never saw. Therefore do not hurry to change at first the status in Facebook as you began new affairs. Expose restrictions in settings, without the aid of others having chosen those people, for which it is possible (or it is necessary) to know about your relations.

Do not spread a photo in frank dresses or a professional photoshoot in style of a nu. Pictures by all means will collect many comments which can not be pleasant to your beloved. Do not parade such photos, and leave them only for it.

In advance warn own friends with whom go on a party or rest, not to mark out you on a photo. First see pictures on page of friends, give the consent to be noted on a photo only later.

Photo with binges/cigarettes also it is not necessary to "shine" at itself on page. Let darling and in a course of all your addictions, but remember: his relatives, friends and even colleagues can "monitor" your page quite often. Take care of the reputation and reputation of your beloved.

Etiquette rules in social networks for those who consists in the relations

Comments in social networks is, naturally, not the official address to the person, but try to look after literacy and a punctuation of own expressions. Use less or absolutely exclude an offensive language, trite jokes and angry expressions.

With the ex-boyfriends it is better to photo to remove from the page – store them in the personal folder of the computer. Also cease to look on their pages in social networks and to leave the comments. Private life being, without hesitation, causes in you curiosity, but, being in the new relations, try to look less often in the past.

As was earlier: got acquainted on action or a party, for the morning – were in Facebook. When at you put, it is not necessary to add each time casual acquaintances in the list of friends. After all there is no more need for being popular in social networks and to find new interesting people. Concentrate on printsipny and suitable business acquaintances or simply pleasant and interesting people.

Etiquette rules in social networks for those who consists in the relations

Treat the updatings more attentively. For example, отписав in Skype or having phoned to that you are thoughtlessly occupied on work or stayed at home because of a disease, it is not necessary right there "чикиниться" at any small restaurant. Social networks actually can tell about you much more, than you wish that. Therefore accurately show activity on the Internet and try, that acts of virtual life corresponded to your reality.