Cold behind a window and in the relations. What to make?

Cold behind a window and in the relations. What to make?

It seems, only yesterday you felt as the real princess from the fairy tale, enjoyed life and embraces of the loved person, and at present you feel only cold, alienation and pessimism.

Why so occurs in the relations? How to return the former fairy tale, love, trust and passion?

If there are no significant events for divorce, psychologists in the relations of pair call the similar period "cold". It is characterized by directly all above-mentioned: lack of interest to each other, apathy, discontent, a dissatisfaction and desire everything to throw and leave in a huff.

The unique explanation of this situation – fading of feelings. And if them not to rehabilitate on this step, after them not to rescue any more, and then the gap is inevitable.

Similar affairs can develop at people who live in a civil marriage therefore as their affairs stiffened on this step; at lovers who do not see sense to move further; at a family where there is a love triangle or not children. Remember that absolutely all affairs should develop, be improved and give love and satisfaction to both. Otherwise you are waited only by a rage, discontent, stresses and depressions.

If already so happened that between you there was a certain alienation, safely go to joint travel. It is possible to be passed in places memorable to you or to visit the country where you carried out the honeymoon. Visit the institutions loved by you, remember history of your acquaintance, try to smile and rejoice more than every minute spent together. It to allow your feelings though, can, and not much more, but to return on the initial.

To avoid in the joint life of an identical situation, use the following councils for prevention.

Tell to boredom "no"!

Do not degrade and do not turn into a boring couple. Do not sit up at home, get out with friends at cinema, theaters, museums and it is simple on walks on park. Invite guests to itself in the house, arrange cheerful parties, in every possible way be afraid of routine. As it is possible go in those places where you vpervy met, kissed, made a declaration of love each other more often. Arrange small a holiday: Day of the first kiss, Day of the first sex, Put acquaintances etc. It everything can seem to someone natural, but actually such things introduce additional paints, emotions and feelings in affairs. Never happens superfluous to tell each other I "like" and to present the next kiss.

Cold behind a window and in the relations. What to make?

Do not go in cycles

Never заморачивайтесь on an available problem. Men less dramatically and painfully endure certain dissonances in the relations. They absolutely and completely go to work. Therefore try to transfer all the discontent, negative emotions and experiences to sports, music, reading matter, drawing – all that can bring you pleasure and will force though for short time to forget about available problems. Force itself to find fine and positive in things surrounding you and people.
Cold behind a window and in the relations. What to make?

Give caresses

Whenever possible give each other caresses, kisses and embraces. As it is possible touch own man more often. And unscrupulously than you will touch: a palm to the person or lips to hair, it can even be more emotionally, than, say, sexual intercourse. Tell it more often gentle words and tell, how you are proud of it.

And still council – never punish own man absence of proximity. It can compel to find it sex on the party, and then the family will collapse for certain.
Cold behind a window and in the relations. What to make?

Be various

The lady should be always mysterious, always different and to have the highlight. Change the style, experiment a make-up, a hairdress and clothes styles. Do not forget to ask own beloved that to liking to it in your look what he would long to see you.

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Cold behind a window and in the relations. What to make?

And the most important – never come back to former quarrels, quarrels and reproaches. Be able to forgive, forget and begin everything with a spotless leaf. Are not able – try to learn. After all the secret of house happiness and harmony also consists in it.