Bill Gates wrote precepts for children

Bill Gates wrote precepts for children

It is clear that Bill Gates decided to indulge not in particular children inheritance. The richest person of a planet considers that his descendant and two daughters should achieve everything in life. So in inheritance to them will get only the starting capital, at a rate of 0,2 % from a condition (all another will be spent for charity) and 11 precepts.

Precept the 1st
Life is unfair – get used to this fact.

Precept the 2nd
To the world to spit on your feeling and self-esteem. The world expects from you any achievements before taking into consideration your feeling own pluses.

Precept 3rd
It is very improbable that to you $40 000 a year to a meeting after leaving school will start to pay. You will not become the vice-president of the company, with a limousine and the personal driver, yet will not deserve it.

Precept the 4th
If you think that your teacher is strict and exacting – wait for acquaintance to the boss. Unlike the teacher, career of the chief depends on how you consult with the tasks.

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Precept the 5th
To fry burgers in "McDonald’s" – not below yours pluses. Your great-grandfathers would call everyone, even such, work «good chance».

Precept the sixth
Take your time to accuse of each failure of own parents. Do not ache and do not rush with the failures, study as them.

Precept the seventh
Till your birth forefathers were not such boring and uninteresting people with whom they seem to you now. They became such, earning on your carefree childhood, erasing your clothes and listening to eternal chatter about what you cool. Therefore before going to help out the woods of Amazon from destruction by greedy generation of your parents, try to put for a start in order the room.

Precept the eighth
Your school cancelled division into winners and losers, life – is not present. At some schools stopped to put bad marks, allowed some attempts to hand over the test or not to answer a question … It is absolutely not similar to that occurs in life.

Precept the ninth
Life is not broken into semester, summer vacations in it do not exist, and it is not enough the employers, interested to help you to find the "I". You should do it during your personal time.

Precept the tenth
Do not confuse real life that show on a TV set. People should carry out a huge part of time to lives not in a coffee house, and on a workplace.

Precept the eleventh
Support good affairs with four-eyes – "botanists". Most likely, certain from them once becomes your chief.