About what it is impossible to speak with the man?

About what it is impossible to speak with the man?

From time to time, apparently, the most harmless word can spoil not only mood, well and put between people as a whole. The wisest lady always analyzes and thinks over that it is possible to speak to the partner and what it is better to hold back and what to turn a deaf ear. All this allows it to remain favourite, desired and irreplaceable for own man for many years. So, about what in the presence of the man it is not necessary to speak?

In – 1-x, do not humiliate itself. Any discussions about the nonideal figure, the broken nail or a small breast – you yourselves should love and be proud of yourselves, do not force the man to pay attention to those things which he at all does not notice.

In – 2-x, do not mention the sexual experience, do not compare a body of partners, length of a penis and an award beds. It is unpleasant for hearing to anybody therefore bite tongue.

Before marriage never discuss future relatives – on another of anything good from this it will not turn out. Nobody can tell, how there will be your life with the partner, and with whom at it what affairs in a family as they will concern you after wedding.

Still point – do not start to plan family life, to share with it the thoughts, what names will give to your general children and what repair will make in the apartment when the offer to you is not made yet.

Naturally, each man considers itself as the handsome, the quite good lover and the good father. And a praise in the address he longs to hear once a day. And here to speak about own shortcomings of the man do not love, therefore wisely and carefully do so that darling without your kicks got rid of them, direct it and support. Never pin up it in painful questions for it and subjects: former passions, excess weight, small penis, bankruptcy etc. Do not force to feel it humiliated, after all if it such bad, what you do near the loser?

Phrases «You ruined my youth», «Where my eyes looked?», «At you hands from the 1st place grow», «Here the neigbour has a spouse …» too can to play with you a malicious joke therefore clean them from own lexicon.

And at present about a praise. Try not to praise in the presence of own loved person of other young men, do not compare the material statka to other families, salaries, children it is incorrect. Do not tell in the company about own former admirers and intimate life – all this only your "luggage" and experience.

And finally – never state to it own discontent concerning gifts. Cheap you received a gift or darling true or not – keep silent, smile and thank. He tried, chose, cared, and if did not guess – next time ask to choose a gift together or hint, that you would like.